Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Idaho Elk Hunt - Meal Plan

In preparation for my back country Idaho elk hunt, I've prepared 10 meals all of a similar fashion.

Coffee = 1 packet Starbucks via mocha latte 

Breakfast = 1 cup granola, 2/3 cup dehydrated milk and raisins or pop tarts for about 420-550 calories. 

Lunch = bagels or tortillas with salami and Parmesan slices or peanut butter and honey for about 500 calories. 

Dinner = Mountain House Pro packs: lasagna, beef stroganoff and chili Mac for 520 calories. 

Snacks = a mix of paydays, nature valley bars, peanuts, crackers, corn nuts, fig newtons and jerky for an additional 800-1000 calories. 

In total I should average around 2200-2600 calories a day and that still probably won't be enough. . 

Back country meals are the fine balance between weight and calories.


  1. What, no Couscous!!

    I would really like to photogragh one of your hunts if you would have me along. I am really considering getting back into deer hunting, my son Andy wants to learn how to hunt, so maybe next year. Have a great trip, and it's a good thing an Elk is a much bigger target than a Cornhole!

    1. Next year, for sure! Would love to have ya join me on a hunt!