Sunday, August 31, 2014

Day 4 - The Opener

We came up with a plan the night before, we were going after a bull that had bugled on day 1. We never laid eyes on him, just had a general idea of where he might be. It was a half a mile of steep ridges that we had to navigate, one straight down and the other straight up. We walked in under the stars... I'd imagine it took us about 30 minutes to get to the top of the ridge we wanted to hunt on, and once up there it was definitely time to shed some layers. No sooner than I had taken of my jacket, packed it and put my pack on... I heard what sounded like a horse gallop, my eyes drawn to the location... Just at the very tip of the ridge, only about 50 yards away... I caught a quick glimpse of an antler, I ran to the top and got there just in time to see the ass end of a really nice branched bull, running full steam ahead straight away. I have chance and we tried to calm him down, but the reality of the situation was, that he was gone and just like that... We missed an opportunity. The rest of the morning and well IBO the afternoon my father and I worked the tree lines of each draw for about 6-7 miles worth. We do an early season calling routine for about 40-45 minutes at each stop. Throughout our journey we saw sign of elk everywhere and a ton of fresh sign, but never saw a hide. All the tracks were headed up, and we were low. We missed them... New game plan for tomorrow, and hoping to report back with some blood on my hands. 

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