Monday, August 4, 2014

Gear Review - Sea To Summit X Bowl and X Mug

I've got a lot of cool gear and plan to do several reviews, but for some reason, I really wanted to start off with the X Bowl and Mug. 

If it came down to it, I could definitely live without these two, but the convenience of having them would make them hard to leave behind. Plus you rarely notice that you have them in your pack when you combine them with your back country kitchen. They're farely light and collapse flat for easy packing. 

The X Bowl:

Price range: $10-$13

I was surprised with how much this bowl could handle and portion wise, when it is full it is exactly what I need to replenish my body after spending several hours on the trail. In addition, it's super easy to clean. 

Once collapsed, it doubles as a plate, which was perfect for my back country tacos!

The X Mug:

Price range: $8-$12

It is what it is and I really only use it for coffee, but it's the perfect size and on them chilly mornings, it doubles as a hand warmer. No worries either, if it gets too warm, you can grip it around the ring at the top. Just like the bowl, it takes little effort to clean.

These items are definitely not necessities, but they make a summer backpacking trip better, for sure, especially if you are sharing meals and cooking with a friend. For those of you who want ultralight gear, these probably won't end up in your pack, but I am more than willing to pack them along, because they do what they are intended to do quite well... And if you were like me, and thinking to yourself, that you wanted a dedicated coffee cup and plate/bowl combo, then I highly recommend the Sea to Summit gear. Good stuff.

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