Sunday, December 1, 2013

Day Pack Essentials

There's a few items I always carry with me, some items get used more than others but everything has a purpose and a reason as to why I carry it. So here's my list of essential day pack items starting from left to right of the picture:

Gerber machete
Range finder
Knife sharpener (x2)
Ptzl headlamp (x2)
Under Armour Face Mask
Under Armour Beanie
Nikon Monarch 10x42 Binoculars
Outdoor Research Zipper Knife
Trail Markers
Lens Pen
Wind Checker
Dead Down Wind Scent Blocker
Mosquito Spray (only when it is to the point that I can't take it any longer)
Under Armour Ridge Reaper Gloves

Those items are always in my day pack , it's just what I have compiled together over the years and it works for me. The pack itself is a Badlands Ultralight Pack and inside it, I also have a Platypus water bladder. What I like about having a bag like this that is ready to go, is just for the fact that I really can just grab it and head out and feel confident that I have what I need for the hunt that day. Other items like snacks get added as I use them. The machete comes in handy for setting trail cameras and some of the areas I hunt during archery season. The Zipper knife has to be the best gutting tool ever invented, at least in my opinion. That knife of mine has seen its fair share of dead animals and it is a flawless way to gut an animal. Just make the initial incision and then run the zipper knife all the way to rib cage, and then pop the ribs all the way up. It's quick and very clean. 

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